Frequently Asked Questions - Motorcycles

  1. What is Full Coverage - Full coverage means the vehicle is insured for any loss.
  2. Am I Insured as the Policy Holder? - Under a full coverage motorcycle, auto or other vehicle insurance policy,you are not covered. Only the vehicle is. Medically, you would go to your Medical Policy Provider for all Medical Coverage.
  3. Do I need Medical Coverage? No, if you have a major medical plan. If you have a Major Medical Plan and have a high deductible, we can always add Medical Coverage to cover your deductible.
  4. What is UM/UIM? - Uninsured Motorist or Under Insured Motorist Coverage. It provides coverage for Medical Costs and Property Damage for you and your passengers if the other party of the accident has no insurance and is at fault. There are two conditions for collecting payment. Underinsured is when the party (at Fault Party) does not have enough Medical or Property Damage Coverage to meet your Claim. Say for example you have 100K/100K/50K Liability and 100K/300K/50K UM/UIM Coverage and your claim is for $30K medical and $18K Property Damage. Suppose the At Fault Party has no Insurance or has 20K/40K/15K (the minimum coverage). The other party's policy will pay only the $20K for Medical (for one person) and $15K Property Damage. Your UnderInsured Coverage will pay the difference or $10K Medical and $3K Property Damage.
  5. Do I need UM/UIM for a Motorcycle? - Good question. For an auto, it is cheap coverage and you should normally include it. On a motorcycle, it is up to you. If you have a Full Coverage Policy and have a Major Medical Plan, no matter what happens the motorcycle will be fixed. UM/UIM is used on a motorcycle mostly when the Policy is just for Liability Coverage and the Insured does not have a Major Medical Plan and wants some Collision Protection.
  6. How Much is My Motorcycle Covered For? - Unless it is over 30 years old or a limited production bike where we insure it for the full stated value, motorcycle policies are written for the Actual Cash Value at the time of the loss with a Policy limit.
  7. Is it OK To Let Others Ride My Motorcycle? No, No, No. Tell them you cherish them so much, you do not want them to ride the bike. No, not even around the block. No, not a short test drive. But he is an experienced rider....NO!. We do not loan out our wives or girl friends. Similarly, we do NOT loan out our bikes.
  8. Does My Insurance Cover Me for a Rented Motorcycle? No. Always take renter's insurance when renting a bike. When you rent a bike there are insurance companies that will pay part of the rental, but not the insurance.
  9. Am I insured for a New or Another Bike? - Yes, you are automatically insured if you have an existing Motorcycle Policy. Call me us the next day and we will swap out the old bike and add the new bike.
  10. Can I Insure My ATV on my Motorcycle Policy? - If it is not licensed, then Yes. In the state of Texas, the state considers this Off-Road Vehicle as just that and does not need licensing. You can add your ATVs to the MotorCycle Policy at a very low rate. Always keep insurance on any operable least Liability Coverage.
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