INSURANCE 101 – Segment 3


Let’s start with the LETTERS….UM= Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury.

UNINSURED MOTORIST BODILY INJURY COVERAGE….. covers a victim’s expenses, lost wages, and other injury related expenses in an instance where the other driver is NOT INSURED. This coverage applies ONLY, if the other party is found to be AT-FAULT…for the incident also.
So, you can collect for UM….ONLY IF, the other party ( he or she) is AT FAULT in the incident AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY INSURANCE. We are talking about Medical and Expenses here for the PERSON, that was hit by the Uninsured Vehicle. Property Damage comes in play later.

It is a crime in TEXAS for Individuals to not have LIABILITY coverage (for their Owned Vehicle) he or she is operating.

When an individual flees the scene of an accident WITHOUT leaving sufficient information to identify him or herself, the individual is considered …UNINSURED…for the purposes of an uninsured motorist provision. However, if a positive ID of the License Plates in a hit and run accident will often be considered by Insurance Companies sufficient information to identify the negligent Hit and Run driver. Such identification will often lead to the denial of an uninsured motorist claim, as insurance companies will often litigate the claim, bringing in the registered owner of the vehicle with the matching plates, even when that person denies involvement in the accident.

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In the next blog…..we’ll talk about..UM/UIM + PD Coverage


Wayne “Sweetheart” Shaw
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