INSURANCE 101 – Segment 2

Well we’ve talked about what Liability Coverage is and what is the basic amount for Texas, (30/60/25), you may go up to $500CSL (Combined Single Limit) or 500/500/500. First and foremost, you need to know, LIABILITY COVERAGE…is the cheapest and best protection for your personal wealth, so error on the high side. Now lets look at what we should consider for different Vehicles and Water Craft.

MOTORCYCLES….Generally, we do not do much damage to others on a bike, unless we run into a Girl Scout Troup. So, 30/60/25 is your basic and probably will suit most Bikers. If you have an Umbrella Policy then you must maintain…..$250/500/100, for the Umbrella minimum on all Registered Motor Vehicles.

AUTO’S….Here the “Higher is Better” rule applies and the higher you go the Bigger Discount your Carrier will give you. Here, based on the average person, I would recommend no less than ….50/100/50. The $50,000 Property Damage will cover many of the vehicles on the road. Where your $25,000 Minimum Property Damage will cover very few…and you’ll pay the difference.


WATER CRAFT……..Lots of funky things happen on the water. If you are on a lake with a lot of high value boats. Raise your Liability to cover the damage say 50/100/50 but……30/60/25 ….is OK for most Water Craft.

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In the next blog post, we’ll talk about UM/UIM + PD Coverage


Wayne “Sweetheart” Shaw
Strictly Cycles Insurance

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