INSURANCE 101 – Segment 1

Sadly, not many people know even the basics of Insurance and rely mostly on their agent to provide what is needed.  Unfortunately, many agents do not provide you what you really need, so you need to know the basic to understand what is the best coverage for you.  Following these segments to learn more…

LIABILITY COVERAGE – Covers OTHER PEOPLE/PERSONS for Medical and Property Damage compensation in the event of an Accident.  30/60/25 is the Texas State Minimum allowed to operate a licensed motor vehicle on a public street.  Let’s see what that covers…   30/ = $30,000 Medical Coverage for one person that is injured in another vehicle.  60/ = $60,000 Medical Coverage for more than one person (say a multi-vehicle accident) or more than one person in the vehicle.   25/ = $25,000 is the Property Damage Coverage, for the person’s vehicle/property.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Wayne for a personal Texas motorbike insurance evaluation at (972)540-1900.

In the next segment, we’ll talk about what amount of LIABILITY coverage is appropriate for your protection.


Wayne “Sweetheart” Shaw
Strictly Cycles Insurance

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